Libby (xnerdyxgirlx) wrote,

a few more drinks and i could have messed up real good (meaning... bad)

my hair is falling out.

only on the left side though.
in the front.
honestly, i kind of like it
and wish i was brave enough
to just cut my hair that short.
okay, i should clarify, it's not actually falling out so much as it is breaking off. but in any case it's really short in spots. it's weird.
i've bleached and dyed my hair so much over the last like 10 years that it's strange for my hair to have picked *now* as being a good time to fall out.
no kidding 10 years.
i know i'm not that old
but when i was in third grade i really wanted to be a redhead.
so badly that my mom gave in and bought me some hair dye for christmas.
it was one of my favorite presents ever.
why am i telling this story?
i guess because i just remembered it and thought it was pretty incredible.
that's all.

i'm going to go watch Thirteen now.
I have to get up early to get my books tomorrow...
and then close again at work. which isn't too bad.
it's weird that i'll be the manager on duty sometimes now.
i've only been there a couple months. but that's sweet.
i own that bitchhhhh.

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