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This is what you get.

i got $30 for nothing.

i had found $60 in the store like a month ago
and no one claimed it, and since i found it
(which i could have just kept it, but i'm too nice)
my boss gave me half and said
"and with the other half we'll have a pizza party!"
to which i replied "ok."
and to muster my excitement he followed that with
"what kind of pizza do you like?"
to which i replied "i'm allergic."

also, it's cold out. i want to carve a pumpkin.
and my cold allergy is back. i didn't think it would be.
but it is.
so i'm going to either be extra bundled up again
or all swollen and blotchy.
i carried cold (not even froze) food around for a while when i went shopping tonight and my fingertips swelled up, and my arm where they were resting broke out in hives. it's amazing.
swollen fingertips kind of feel neat.

i might go visit john tomorrow night.
i haven't seen him since he moved to detroit.
i think he moves into his own apartment tomorrow, too.
i miss him a whole lot.

so, last night...

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

haha. it was pretty fun.
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