Libby (xnerdyxgirlx) wrote,

a few of my favorite things.

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arg! I look like such a d-bag in that pic of me with my phone. :D
But i got a pretty good shot of you guys across the table.
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lolz. i'm a d-bag tooooo.
omgz omgz, i'm so cool, i gotsa cell phone!@#%#$^


but not really.
you, libby, are one of my favorite things.
Not for any reasons beyond acquaintance-ship, either.
But because you remind me alot of myself with similar instabilites and manic episodes, anxiety & what not.
Each time that i see you emerge intact from another daunting midnite just reminds me that even when issues seem completely in doubt, there is always tomorrow.
those are some of the nicest and most interesting things i've ever "heard" you say. i appreciate it. but you know i do. genuine friend-ness is a plus in my book. :)